About Us

That Candid Shot came about when photographer, Rebecca Spencer, fell short on finding camera accessories that she actually liked! When on her commute one day she wondered if it would be possible to create camera accessories that didn't leave you feeling underwhelmed and like you're making a compromise. If you follow Rebecca you will know that she is obsessed with candid photos and dreamt of having a brand where photographers can join the Candid Club for photography tips and show off cool camera accessories...

3 years on and that dream has become a reality - That Candid Shot now offers fashion forward camera accessories designed by Rebecca herself and if you sign up you will receive photography tips straight into your inbox!

Currently, That Candid Shot offers 3 DSLR camera straps in a range of colours as well as 3 compact camera straps but the dream does not stop there so stay tuned to see what other accessories we bring out.