Welcome to our first ever photographer of the month

Each month, One photographer from the #candidclub will be featured here at the end of every month. A curated online photo gallery of their work and their personal tips and tricks from photography, social media and their favourite candid camera accessory.

31st January 2021

Photographer of the month: Georgette Thompson

From: Hampshire UK

Genre Photography: Conceptual

Personal Instagram.: https://www.instagram.com/georgettethompsonx/

Photography Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/visualsbygeorgette/

 Whats initially got you into Photography ?

Georgette: So I think getting my camera was the most important to me, I remember getting it and thinking yes i am not putting this down. This is the medium I want to use to express myself. 

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you first started out? 

Georgette: Shoot everything in raw file, not jpeg. there has been so many images where I wish I shot in raw. Just because of the overall quality especially if your going in with photoshop the level of detail is completely different. So defo Shoot in RAW.


Whats would be your top Social Media tip as a Photographer ?

Georgette: don't be afraid to upload more than one image, if you can have your image and before and after and a behind the scenes . I find this really helps with engagement on your post. 


Among your work, Which one is your Favourite and why ? 

Georgette:  The beauty of letting go - the reason why I like it so much, is because it came out nothing how i thought it would. originally it was going to be off the steps holding the ballon floating into the sky. it wasn't until i got back to edit i was like no this has a completely Different feel to it 


Whats your favourite candid strap ?

Georgette:  is the pink and red DSLR strap - but my next purchase  is black and white. the reason why i like it so much is it is incredibly great material and i am someone who is incredibly  clumsy so it has to be strong and steady. 


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